Welcome to Whistling Gardens...
We cordially invite you to join us here at Whistling Gardens, in Wilsonville, Ontario, nestled in Norfolk County just minutes south of Brantford and 20 minutes south of Hwy 403.

May 26, 2012 marked our official opening to the gardens. Since then, we have continued to expand all facets of the gardens.


Our sincerest thank you to everyone for such an unforgettable season!

If you wish to plan a visit, we are open by appointment only, as our gardens are now closed for the season.

Garden Centre Gift Certificates and Botanical Gardens Season Memberships are available year-round, with guest speaker requests, community groups and bus tours now booking for 2016 and 2017. Plan early, as weddings, garden programming and custom special celebrations requests continue to keep us busy. Garden Centre Pre-spring orders are also welcome!

Happy Gardening!

What's new for 2015?

Botanical Gardens
~ While you are here, visit our National Award Winning Gardens and see why Whistling Gardens was recently voted as one of Canada’s Best Botanical Gardens. Explore nearly 20 acres of gardens and view over 4,000 thousand different plants. A kaleidoscope of autumn colour awaits you!
~ The gardens and garden centre open in early April. Thousands of bulbs will be blooming from generally the 3rd week in April until Mother's Day. Our spring flowering trees such as magnolias, dogwoods, redbuds among others will be ushering in the spring season.

~ The fountain display will feature 110 fountains choreographed to brand new music, composed by Darren this winter. Two unique fountain displays are sure to entertain visitors of all ages. Check out our calendar of events when each of the themed programs begins.

~ The new Aviary has over 40 birds and we are expecting lots of little ones this spring. For more info, check out this page: "Our Birds"

~ Over 4,000 different plants are in the gardens now and we have surpassed 2,500 different specimens of conifers.

~ Like most gardens, they continue to evolve and have many more plantings including approximately 150 varieties of lily bulbs. More projects are ongoing including a walk in aviary over nearly 7, 000 sq. ft and many new features will be added continually throughout this year and beyond.

Garden Centre
~ We are now carrying perennials in the garden centre.

~ Our catalogue of woody plants is posted online and features many new, rare varieties of trees and conifers.

With so much to see and explore, we hope you can join us for an afternoon or even make a day of it. Whether you're looking for that special plant, want to see our fountains choreographed to music or just planning a day trip adventure to relax in a quiet atmosphere near a waterfall or our new two-acre pond, Whistling Gardens will create memorable experiences and cater to the senses.

Our Garden Centre continues to offer the largest selection of conifers in the country and unusual woody treasures. For several years already, Whistling Gardens has attracted collectors and gardeners across several provinces and the US. We are proud that we have been referred as the "go to" garden centre for new and unique plants.

Take our NEW Virtual YouTube Tour:


Almost 20 acres have been cultivated and sculpted into 6 major gardens and collections. All the gardens have been seamlessly connected with wheelchair accessible walking paths. Whistling Gardens is home to the largest public collection of conifers in the world with over 2,500 species, hybrids and cultivars on site. Click thumbnail to download our
Gardens Site Map

A Message from the Founder

Although the concept for these gardens started over 25 years ago, the task of creating and constructing them has been completed in the last 5 years, apart from running the nursery and garden centre. It has been a physical, financial and emotional struggle to continue. Of all my travels around the world, this journey has been the most challenging, exciting and rewarding experience all at the same time. It has conjured every possible emotion. Every time I have wanted to walk away from it, something pulled me back. I’m glad those dark days are behind me now.

I’ve learned a lot about plants, fountain mechanics, building everything from stone bridges to arbors, not to fight Mother Nature, but mostly I've learned a lot about myself especially my fierce determination to see it through. I'm excited and happy to see the progress of the gardens and the plants flourishing. I also want to thank vast amounts of people who have helped and urged me on during this process. You have inspired me to keep going.

The gardens are still young but they are growing at a "tree"mendous rate. Some 4-foot trees I planted just a few years ago are now 18-20' tall. Others that were 4 inches tall are well, still 4 inches tall, they are miniatures and behaving the way they are supposed to.

I truly feel the gardens have something for everyone. I have many more ideas that have yet to become reality. Finally, after 11 years away from music I will be able to spend more time writing again - especially music for fountain shows and other future productions. As the gardens progress, new technologies will be implemented as well.

Whistling Gardens is a dream I have kept alive for nearly 30 years. I hope people will enjoy the gardens now and for many generations to come.

Darren Heimbecker

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