Fountain Amphitheatre at Whistling Gardens
Over 3 years in the building, all stone open-air amphitheatre complete with a backdrop of nearly 110 fountains (2013). The granite stage walls and outer wings are over 400 feet and surrounded by gardens inside and out. Three individual 80 foot staircase fountains meet behind the stage.

The water theatre was inspired by Andre Le Notre’s 1634 design at the Palace of Versailles. The layout and design closely resembles the original however Versailles did not have stone walls but grass banks instead.

Whistling Gardens owner Darren Heimbecker, composes the music and choreographs the fountains shows.

About Our Fountain Shows
Each season, a composition is especially written for the fountain program. Darren works with state of the art digital technology in his home studio to do most of the creative writing, editing, mixing and mastering. The latest in computer technology runs the fountain program. Have a break while touring through the gardens in the water theatre!

In the near future, lights, and many different special effects will be added to the program for evening performances.

We hope you enjoy the show this season.

Summer Fountain Schedule

Fountain Programs run twice daily Monday thru Friday
11:15 am and 1:45 pm

Saturday and Sunday
11:15 am, 1:00 pm and 2:45 pm

Program run time approximately 8 minutes.

First Fountain Show Performance: Saturday, May 19th 2018

Last Fountain Show Performance For The Season: Saturday, September 29th 2018

Please note: Fountain Amphitheatre Performances will not be available from September 18th through to Sunday, September 23rd
Notification Date: July 1st, 2018

All times are subject to weather, special events and scheduled maintenance.

Updates can be found on Facebook.

Play samples of music written specifically for our fountain shows.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.


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