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Humanity depends on nature's ecosystems such as flowers, forests, and coral reefs for clean water, food, fuel, fertile soils, minerals, storm protection and flood control. Aesthetically pleasing, visions of a butterfly's wings kissing the sun, a honeybee's gentle flower caress or a proud forest standing silently guarding over a river generates peaceful smiles. These everyday sights of nature bring us joy, wonder, and comfort. Connecting to nature has long been associated with being mindful and meditative, but only recently has the scientific and medical communities released research and academic studies reinforcing the overall health benefits of outdoor immersion.

Nature provides "Green therapy," also known as Ecotherapy, or Nature therapy which is gaining the attention of international medical researchers, nature enthusiasts, and practitioners in search of reducing the risk and alleviating symptoms of developing health problems. Studies reveal nature's positive impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing by becoming involved in overall green space activities i.e. gardening, outdoor meditation, yoga, environmental conservation work, walking and more ...just breathe

The Benefits of Nature Revealed:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones
  • Impact how your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working
  • Reduces anger and fear
  • Change your mood
  • Medication cost savings
  • Reduce Nature Deficit Disorder/Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Could help prevent mental health disorders
  • Increase physical activity and social connectivity
  • Could boost energy levels
  • Results could increase resistance to physical illnesses
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improves self-esteem and motivation
  • Boost overall well-being and mental health

We are pleased to introduce the growing role of nature as a healing and wellness environment. Our education forums provide gardens guests with intimate interactions with nature that compliment teachable moments and knowledge building. Our certified practioner team are available for consultation and group workshop planning.

Introducing Karen Van Eyk
Whistling Gardens
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Having been an enthusiastic student of Yoga for many years, and feeling the profound benefits that Yoga offers, Karen felt the calling to share her passion and to help others to find greater peace of mind and well being. She took the next step in 2009, and completed the one-year Classical Yoga Teacher Training course which promotes wellness by acknowledging that Yoga isn’t just an exercise programme, but rather, a mind, body and soul practice. Karen delights in chasing away the notion that Yoga is only “for skinny, young people”, by making Yoga available to mature folks and those with limited mobility. Her motto is "If you can breathe, you can do Yoga"!

Her ongoing training has included completing the Meditation teacher program, Therapeutic Yoga certificate, as well as graduating from the year-long Comprehensive Yoga Therapist course in June 2012. Karen is also a First degree Reiki practitioner. All of her classes are taught with sensitivity to modifying poses to meet individual needs, ensuring a most relaxing and nurturing experience.

Karen and her husband live on a farm near Hartford, and enjoy many outdoor activities. They are avid gardeners - together growing enough organic veggies in their 1/4 acre garden to last most of the year. Along with veggies, Karen enjoys puttering around in the flower gardens. Daily walks back to the bush with their dog keep her grounded and connected to Spirit Song. Nature and Art and Music have always been a huge part of her life, and she is happy dabbling in many different mediums - with spinning and weaving being her latest loves.

Plan a day at the Gardens with family or friends - a Yoga class in the morning, wander through the fabulous gardens, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy and give yourself time to unwind! Special interest groups are most welcome.

Learn more, contact Karen Van Eyk at 905-768-3867 or email:

Introducing Lori Haskings-Barber
Whistling Gardens
Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

"Discover your secrets! People walk labyrinths to celebrate, to grieve, to slow down, to seek insight, to find stillness and compassion and for many health benefits."

Lori walked her first labyrinth taped on the floor of a church. She was then invited by a relative to explore a labyrinth walk at Five Oaks with Lauren Artress, a spiritual pioneer, author of three books and leading force in popularizing the Labyrinth in the US and around the world. It was the most profoundly moving and enjoyable experience of her life! From that time forward she took time in her everyday life to walk a labyrinth to experience the benefits any chance she could get. In October 2011, Lori once again met with Lauren Artress and completed an intensive training program to become a Trained Labyrinth Facilitator. In the months following her training, Lori's journey moved forward, as she took the steps and followed her path to become a certified Labyrinth Facilitator. As a certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Lori has both the training and experience to educate others on the labyrinth and its' rewards.

In June 2012, Lori continued on her path again and met up with Lauren Artress, Christine Downing and Kayleen Asbo in Chartres, France and advanced her learning and growth on this circuitous path. Visiting one of the oldest known labyrinths and most sacred places in the world was a profound experience for Lori that lends itself to her experience as a facilitator and willingness to help others.

Harvard Medical School's Mind/Body Institute - Research and Wellness Benefits of Labyrinth Walking
What is a labyrinth?

Learn more: Contact Lori Haskings - Barber at 519-209-2529 or email:


Benefits Of Ecotherapy: Being In Nature Fights Depression, Improves Mental Health And Well-Being - Lecia Bushak

Research: University of Essex

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Disclaimers* Nature Wellness Workshops, Green therapy/Ecotherapy/Nature therapy are offered for educational and recreational purposes only.

*Research has not proven that spending time in nature can prevent, treat, or cure any particular condition.

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