2024 Opening Dates! Garden Centre & Botanical Gardens May 4 / Daytime Fountain Show May 18 / Festival of Fountains August 24
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Take a journey with us into the beautiful botanical gardens where we will open your heart to a deeply profound and meaningful communication with the living, sentient plant kingdom

Plants are actually highly evolved adaptive life forms that have found a way to have all their needs met by other species.  Astonishingly, they possess all the same senses as humans, including emotions, and silently communicate to other species in a myriad of clever ways, using a type of sign language involving scent, colour, taste, light, shape, and frequencies which ‘speak’ to each of our own senses and emotions

Flowers have so much wisdom and emotional depth to share with you.  We’ll teach you how to understand plant language, how to tap into ‘plant medicine’ and how to use the wise counsel of flowers to bring more happiness and meaning into your own life

We promise this encounter will invoke your senses and emotions in ways you never thought possible.  You’ll experience your own self at such a deeply personal and profound level that it will forever change you.  You will walk away with a deep inner peace and much greater wisdom regarding the natural world around you

Testimonial … “Your workshop was such an amazing experience for me. I loved learning more about what it is that you do and how you do it. I look at every flower differently now and wonder what lessons it has to teach us. But more so than any of that, your workshop helped me connect with myself again. It validated some of the feelings that I was having and helped to name some of the other feelings that I hadn’t been able to identify yet. I’ve told all my friends what an incredible, life-changing experience it was for me and recommended that they check out your website”  Chalcea H  Wichita Kansas

Program includes day-pass admission to Whistling Gardens, a vegetarian lunch, dancing fountains show, and 10AM-3:30PM seminar with renowned ‘flower whisperer’ Lori D’Ascenzo

Cost:  $140  25% deposit required.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, E-Transfer

Link to more information about workshop …    http://www.enlightenedfeelings.com/enchanted-garden-experience.html

Link to Register and pay … https://www.enlightenedfeelings.com/event-registration.html