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Muriel is a watercolour artist with a keen interest in realism. She enjoys painting nature subjects, birds, flowers, animals, and landscapes.

Muriel discovered her talent as a watercolour and acrylic artist just 2 short years ago. She is a member of The Simcoe Artist Workshop and sits on their Board of Directors. Her role on the board is to send out monthly newsletters and announcements. She enjoys painting most subjects, but has not tackled architecture or portraits as of yet.

Muriel is a people person and a real nature lover. She enjoys gardening, bird watching, photography, canoeing, camping and hiking. She also likes to cook and to knit. She is a retired Personal Support Worker (P.S.W.) Muriel enjoyed assisting her patients with their daily needs. Compassion, respect and caring are qualities that she is most proud of as she has met some wonderful people over her 15 year career.


John creates unique, one of a kind bird houses, charcuterie boards, and wooden bowls. As a happily retired machinist and welder, he applies his tradesmanship skills to create one of a kind, custom iron garden art. He also enjoys knife making, leather work, and carpentry, to name a few of his hobbies.

John and his wife, Muriel, live on a county acre where they enjoy their yard and gardens. They love the great outdoors, camping, canoeing and fishing. They have two married children and one grandchild.

John is happiest when he is creating and being busy. Grass doesn’t grow under this man's feet!


Introducing Marguerite Larmand
Whistling Gardens
Featured Garden Artist

Marguerite Larmand was born in 1939 in a farming community in Victoria Harbour, Ontario. She received a B.A in Art & Art History from McMaster University, Hamilton and an M.A. in Education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Since retiring from the teaching profession in 1995, Larmand's career as an artist and educator has continued with solo and group exhibitions across Canada, in Eastern Europe and as of late, in the regions of Brant and Norfolk Counties. She lives and works in Simcoe.

Inspired by skeletal structure and ways of drawing, Marguerite Larmand’s metal drawings are suitable for both indoors and out.

When hung from a single point, they are activated gently by air movement or when attached to a wall they become a form of graffiti i.e. a drawing directly on a surface. Most are painted bronze so as to integrate with the surroundings in all seasons.

All drawings are available for purchase. Many originals however, are hand-cut in industrial felt and may be custom ordered to be cut in metal.

Marguerite Larmand’s catalogue is available at our Member Services Booth or you can contact Marguerite Larmand directly at to plan a visit to her new Gallery in Simcoe Ontario.

Join her Facebook community at



Introducing Cole Talbot
Resident Artist
Whistling Gardens

"As a 23 year old Metal Artist, Cole Talbot draws upon the great outdoors to inspire his unique, one of a kind, custom creations"

Recently honoured as Norfolk County's Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014, Cole has always been a "Dare to be Different" kind of guy. At 16 years of age, he began etching out his own path by fusing together his love of nature and welding, creating his first distinctive piece entitled "Stand Alone".

Growing up in a rural community, Cole always gravitated to time spent along the creek bank and hiking in the woods over video games and being indoors.

A passion for nature continues to kindle his creativity as he spends his free time kayaking, camping, rock climbing or simply driving the countryside to see where the inviting dirt roads take him!

This young artist is quickly making a name for himself in the art world, with his pieces already being sold throughout Canada and internationally.

Through four years of formal training Cole developed his skilled welding expertise. His self-taught artistic abilities are fueled by his curious mind and adventurous spirit. Although Cole is fairly new to exhibiting and selling his art formally, his work has been exhibited in several Ontario shows, and galleries included a seasonal exhibit at Whistling Gardens botanical gardens.

Do you share our love of Garden Art?

Garden guests interested in purchasing, pre-ordering or commissioning a unique creation can view Cole Talbot’s on-line catalogue by visiting Iron Oak Designs:

P: 905-978-9188

Artist information is also available at our Member Services Booth.

The Whistling Gardens volunteer Garden Studio Residency Program supports our next generation of artistic overachievers by creating an ideal opportunity for a developing artist who is looking for a place to pursue focused work while gaining experience in a public venue creating significant career exposure. Artist works will be featured in the botanical gardens or future Whistling Gardens Guest Greenhouse in development.

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