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Medicinal Gardening at Whistling Gardens

MEDICINAL GARDENING - Discover the secret life of plants!

Throughout our ornamental gardens, several varieties of beautiful, poetic plants offering healing or wellness proprieties can be discovered. The expansion is underway as we introduce additional plants and share their fascinating stories through relaxed educational, recreational forums.

Since prehistoric times, herbal or medicinal plants have been used in medicine or veterinary practice for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. Literary sources confirm to the use of medicinal plants in ancient Assyria, India, Egypt, and China (circa 3000 B.C.), Greece, Iran and in Rome in the early years of the Common Era; also in Arab countries, Middle Asia, Georgia, Armenia, and Europe during the Middle Ages.

Herbs may be used directly as teas or in other extracted forms for their natural chemical constituents. They may be used as agents in the synthesis of drugs or the organic molecules found in plants may be used as models for synthetic drugs. Modern approaches to determining the medicinal properties of plants involve collaborative efforts that can include ethnobotanists, anthropologists, pharmaceutical chemists, and physicians.

Harvested medicinal plants are usually distilled to extract essential oils and juices or dried to use in formulations while certain medicinal plants are freshly harvested and can be used. The composition and quantity of active substances found in different organs of medicinal plants vary and change in the course of the year as a result of the aging of the plant and habitat conditions. Those parts of the plants in which the largest quantity of these substances accumulates are collected first.

We are pleased to introduce the growing role of nature as a healing and wellness environment. Our education forums provide gardens guests with intimate interactions with nature that compliment teachable moments and knowledge building.

Disclaimer* Medicinal Gardening Workshops are offered for educational and recreational purposes only

Medicinal Gardening at Whistling Gardens HERBAL FIRST AID

"Care & Cures
From Your Garden And Kitchen"

Learn to care for common illness and injury using natural medicine from your garden and kitchen. This workshop will allow you to familiarize yourself with safe, simple and effective remedies.

Each participant will leave with a travel size herbal first aid kit, the knowledge and confidence to use it, and information on building your kit and experiences.




"Radiant Looking Skin Without Chemicals"

Give your skin what it craves! Nutrients, vitamins, moisture, vitality, HEALTH, without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. Participants will enjoy a facial, clay mask, and moisturizer suited to their skin type, as well as products to take home to use.

Learn how your garden and kitchen can provide all you need for healthy and vibrant skin! Want to know the truth about what you are putting on your skin? Learn how using natural products is healthier, cheaper, and safer than many brand name cleansers and cosmetics, and what to look for in safe hygiene products and makeup. Mineral make-up samples will also be available for you to sample and purchase.




"Prevent & Treat Common Health Issues
With Herbal Detoxification"

Learn how your body functions to eliminate toxins and keep you healthy. Did you know the signs and symptoms of toxin build up in your body?

Do you suffer from skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis?

How well do you sleep? Do you feel fatigued after a full night's sleep?

Are you constantly ill with cold and flu symptoms?

Carrying extra weight? Constipated? Headaches? Sore joints and muscles?

All of these symptoms and more can be signals that your body needs cleansing. Learn what herbs prevent gallstones, increase circulation, improve kidney and liver function, and drain your lymph nodes, boost energy and more.

Samples for common detoxification symptoms will be offered.


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