2024 Opening Dates! Garden Centre & Botanical Gardens May 4 / Fountain Show May 18 / Festival of Fountains August 24

The Gardens

Our garden collections focus on rare, unique and hard to find species and cultivars of woody plants. We are home to over 1,800 varieties of conifers who show off their colours, textures and unique forms 365 days a year.

Our bird aviary displays unique and very colourful birds from around the world. You will see our Royal Mute Swan, Eyptian Geese and many breeds of chickens roaming the gardens.

A must-see feature of our gardens is the fountain display which runs from Victoria Day to Labour Day. 

We have hundreds of perennials bloom from April until late October. Be sure to visit our floral collections to find our when different species are in bloom. You certainly won’t want to miss Peony Season (May 15th to June 25th) with 1,200+ varieties and nearly 3,000 peonies blooming. 

What’s In Bloom

Spring… May thru mid June… Celebrate the spring blooms with incredible displays of Peonies and Iris. Magnolia, Red Bud and many other flowering trees add to the magical renewal!

Summer – July, Mid August… 1,000’s of summer blooms reveal their beauty with Red Hot Poker, Foxtail Lily, Blanket Flower, Echinacea, Aruncus, Lilies, Day Lilies and more…

Fall… Enjoy the changing of the season when annuals are at their peak, Fall perennials Echinacea, Black Eyed Susan, Aster Blanket Flower, Ornamental Grasses plus much more!


Floral Collections

Garden Experiences